ICPC Report
10 November 2014 by Tina Wang in programming competition

These photos were taken at the ACM ICPC Competition of Fall 2014 at Riverside City College. Congratulations UCR teams! We are proud of you all for participating!


ACM ICPC Competition and Programming Training Sessions!
17 October 2014 by Tina Wang in workshops and programming competition

The ACM-ICPC programming competition is on November 8th at the Riverside Community College. This programming competition is a good way to network with other people in ACM chapters from nearby colleges! We are having programming training sessions every Friday, starting today (10/17)! Today’s training session is from 5PM to 6PM at WCH 226.

Click me to find out more about the competition!

Teams up to 3 people per team will be accepted. Please figure out your teams by October 24th! Fill out this form here so we can register you and your friends.

Note: Experience is not neccessary. We have had Freshman attend these programming competitions and have done well!

ACM vs HackerRank Codesprint 2014
02 October 2014 by Manuel Sanchez in events and programming competition

Hey everyone,

Excited to start the new school year!?!?! :D

We’ve been talking to the people at HackerRank and they’re giving us an opportunity to have our own mini-hackathon in the ACM clubroom with all of the essentials: free energy drinks, food, and swag! Also, you can get noticed and get job/internship offers from great companies like Google and Facebook!

All you have to do is signup for the HackerRank Back2School CodeSprint and choose to represent University of California, Riverside.

CodeSprint is a 24 hour event where each person takes on 7 programming challenges. These challenges rank from easy to expert in difficulty, but they are very fun to try taking a crack at! You can choose what programming language to use as well!

Bring your laptop and blanket if you plan on staying overnight! Register now! so we get enough food/swag for everyone!

Time: 7pm - 7pm

Time: 6pm - 6pm

Place: WCH 232

Days: Friday October 3 - Saturday October 4

Signup now!!